In order for conversion tracker to be installed correctly you need a hosting account which runs PHP version 4.3.3 or higher, this is a very low version of PHP and almost every hosting provider should have this version or a higher version already installed on there servers.

Your hosting provider must also allow you to set up a MySql database with at least version 4.1 or higher, but just as the PHP version requirement this is a low required version and almost every hosting provider should allow you to do this and they should all be running at least version 4.1.

If your hosting provider does not meet these very low web standards we highly suggest you use another provider even if you don't purchase Conversion Tracker, this is because if your hosting provider is this far behind on its server updates, there is a very high chance that this company is going out of business, is no longer in mainstream business, or has absolutely zero support for there customers and are only in it to make some quick cash.

The above are the only technical requirements to use Conversion Tracker, however we also suggest that you have at least some HTML knowledge or know someone with basic HTML skills, this is required because you will need to copy and paste your affiliate links into our program and then use our custom generated links on your website.

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