Installation Guide

Installing Conversion Tracker is an extremely easy process created so that everyone regaurdless of your current skill set can achieve.

Step 1

The very first thing we must do to get Conversion Tracker off the ground is to set up or use an existing MySql database, but since the process of setting up a database is a little bit different for every hosting provider we cannot give you an exact step by step formula to accomplish this, however if you have no clue how to set up your own MySql database then you can contact your hosting provider and have them set one up for you.

Don't be afraid to ask. It's the job of your hosting provider to give you this type of support. If you are getting your hosting provider to set up the database for you please inform them that you will need the name of the database, the database username, the database password, and the database host name, we will need this information for the upcoming steps.

If you already know how to set up a MySql database or want to use an existing one then please do so now and record the name of the database, the database username, the database password, and the database host name for use in the upcoming steps.

Step 2

Once you have your database set up we need to determine if we want to keep the folder name the same, by default all of our files are located in a folder called "ct" (Without the double quotes). This folder can be renamed to anything you want but keep in mind that changing this name will effect your final URL structure, for instance if we kept the folder name the same our Conversion Tracker URLs would look something like this however for a little extra credibility you may want to change the folder name to reflect the topic of your website, for instance if our site was about widgets we can rename our folder to "widgets" (without the double quotes) and our tracking URLs would become something like this

If you plan on renaming the folder keep the following points in mind:

       1) Your folder name reflects your tracking URL
       2) Your folder name cannot contain spaces
       3) Avoid using characters like #,$,!,",',%,&,*,(,),+ or slashes
       4) Keep it short (Under 15 characters)
       5) The best folder name is short and reflects your sites topic

We highly suggest you take the time to decide if you would like to rename your folder now or to leave it as it is, this is because when the Conversion Tracker software is running full force and you change the folder name after you've placed several tracking URLs on your website, you will have to go back and manually change all of those URLs on your website to relect the new folder name, if you do not do this then our software will not be able to track your conversions correctly.

So even though you are allowed to change the name of your folder please do it in this step because changing it at a later date can cause tracking errors and we highly suggest you do not change the folder name after Conversion Tracker has been installed.

Once you've determined if you want to keep the folder name the same or to change it you can begin to upload the files to your server, keep all the files inside of the Conversion Tracking folder and choose a spot where it will remain for the full length of your tracking campaign, just like changing the folder name at a later date can cause tracking issues, moving the folder location from one spot on your server to another at a later date will cause the exact same tracking problems.

Step 3

Once you've uploaded the Conversion Tracking folder to a spot on your server we can move on to installing our database tables and setting up a username and password that you can use to access the Conversion Tracker administration panel.

At this point we are now ready to point our browsers to the install folder. If you have left your folder name at its default and our domain name is then we would enter the following into our browsers address bar -

Or if we decided to rename our folder to widgets and placed the folder in a sub-folder called "subfolder" (without the double quotes) on our server we would enter the following into our browsers address bar -

Once at this page you will be looking at a screen like the one in the image below. However if you have JavaScript disabled on your browser you will be presented with another screen informing you that you must enable JavaScript on your browser, this screen will have detailed information on how to do this, but 9 times out of 10 JavaScript by default is enabled so we shouldn't have to worry about it unless we are advanced enough to turn it off, in which case you should not have to read the information about how to enable it, if JavaScript was turned off and you did have to enable it, simply refresh your browser and the message should disappear and you will be presented with the screen shown in the image below.

Conversion Tracking Setup

When you arrive at this screen you will be asked to enter in your database name, database username, database password and database host name as we discussed in Step 1. Take the time to enter in this information now.

Once you have entered in the first 4 fields there are only 2 left, one called "Pre-defined Database Prefix:" (without the double quotes) and one called "Manual Database Prefix:" (again without the double quotes)

The first field (Pre-defined Database Prefix:) is only required if your hosting provider automatically places a prefix before your database name, this prefix is usually your login name and may look like this if our login name was "user" (without the double quotes) - user_. If this is the case then please enter in this prefix here, otherwise most of the time you can leave this field blank.

The last field (Manual Database Prefix:) is only required if you are installing Conversion Tracker in a existing database which already contains tables, you can rename this prefix to anything you want and even though its not fully required we suggest you include a prefix in case you decide to install other things in this same database, you wont have to worry about any naming conflictions.

Also note that once you enter in your database prefix you cannot change it under the settings tab inside of your administration panel, this is for security purposes.

Once you've entered in all of this information simply click on the "Continue" (without the double quotes) button.

Step 4

Once you've clicked on the "Continue" (without the double quotes) button in the previous step you will be presented with another screen which is shown in the image below.

Conversion Tracking Setup

In this step you are required to fill out a username, password, and email address, your username and password will enable you to login to your Conversion Tracker administration panel and your email address is only used to send you a new password should you forget what the one you set here is. It is important to use an email address that you have access to otherwise you will not get the email with your new password should you decide to reset it. Once you have entered in the required information click the "Finish Installation" (without the double quotes) button.

Step 5 - Final Step

Once you have completed the previous step you will be presented with one final screen which gives you the login link for your administration panel. An email will also be sent to you with your username, password, and a link you can use to login to your Conversion Tracker installation panel.

At this stage you should now delete the install folder from your server, this is for security reasons but if you forget to delete the install folder from your server you will be remined to when you login.

The final stage in the Conversion Tracker installation is the hardest one and this step requires you to add 1 line of code to your sites header file, the header file is a file on your site which gets included in every page across your entire site, if you do not have a file that gets included across your entire site you will have to add the following line of code to every file a website visitor can visit on your website.

Below is the line of code you must copy and paste into the very top of your sites header file, make sure you place this code before any other code on your site, its very important that this does not go under any HTML or PHP code that prints out information to your browser, if this is not the first line of code on your site then its possible you will get an error or your tracking system will not function correctly.


If you have renamed your Conversion Tracking folder in the above step or have placed the folder in a subfolder on your server you will have to change this line of code to reflect those changes, for instance if I changed the original folder name to "widgets" (without the quotes) the above line of code to insert into your website would look like this:


If you have placed your Conversion Tracker folder in a subfolder and have not changed the original folder name and your subfolder name is called "sub" (without the double quotes) then you will have to change this line of code to look like this:


Please note that only the folder location and/or folder name has changed but the tracker.php file name has remained the same, this is because the most important tracking file for Conversion Tracker is called tracker.php and should not be changed.

After you have finished putting this line of code into your site you will have successfully installed Conversion Tracker 1.0 and should now take the time to read the information below to learn how to begin tracking conversions. The most important article to read is called A Full Walkthrough.

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